Bio Cell Laboratories

Bio Cell Laboratories: a high caliber diagnostic medical laboratory with emphasis on accurate diagnosis of different diseases. 

In addition to the routine diagnostic tests that involve chemistry, hematology, endocrinology, microbiology, and molecular genetic; we provide disease – specific panels that include comprehensive diagnostic tests for the following conditions:

– Male Infertility Panel
– Female Infertility Panel
– Diabetes Panel (both Type I and Type II)
– Kidney Function Panel
– Liver Function Panel
– Age group specific Panels (as recommended by the American Heart Association)
We offer our patients free memberships and I.D. cards in Bio Cell. When a patient visits us for the first time, we issue an identification card that can be used in subsequent lab visits.
Our lab reports are unique and entertainingly informative. We provide detailed lab reports to patients that include specific information that can help patients understand their medical conditions better and provide medical advice by our in-house physicians.